UCMPrint Printer Setup for MAC OS X 10.4 (Tiger)

Getting Started

This tutorial is using MAC OSX 10.4.6. If you do not have the most current version, some of the images may not be 100% accurate, but the basic set up process should still work.
Before proceeding, verify that you are connected to the UC Merced network via a wired connection on campus, a wireless connection to the UCMerced or UCM-Guest wireless networks, or connected from off-campus with the use of a VPN client. For information about connecting your computer to UC Merced's wireless network, click here, or installing the campus VPN client, click here.
The UCMPrint service is a pay-to-print service that offers centralized print queues for both black & white printing (UCMGlobal) and color printing (UCMColor). It is recommended that you utilize UCMGlobal for the majority of your printing needs, as the per page cost of color printing is set higher in order to offset the higher cost of equipment and supplies. UC Merced students will need to first add funds to their CatCard Flex account before using the service, while visitors to UC Merced can purchase and fund Print Cards from the kiosk near the Circulation Desk in the Kolligian Library.
This document will walk you through the process of configuring a print queue on your personal computer, so that you can retrieve your print jobs from any of the CatCard Reader enabled printers at UC Merced. The instructions below will help you set up and differentiate between the two different queues.
In addition, this document assumes that you have a valid UCMNetID and that you have accepted the Acceptable Use Policy.


Important: An automated program to set up UCMPrint queues on both Windows and Macs can be obtained at http://it.ucmerced.edu/support/guides-faqs/printing. The following steps are only required if you wish to manually set up UCMPrint without downloading any software, or had problems using the automated program.

  1. Click on your desktop once to set your toolbar as Finder.
  2. Click Go -> Utilities.
  3. The Printer Setup Utility is within the Utilities folder.
  4. Double Click to start the program.
  5. Click Add printer icon.
  6. Hold down the Alt/Option key and click More Printers.
  7. In the first drop down menu, choose Advanced.
  8. Under device, choose Windows Printer via SAMBA.
  9. Enter your desired printer name as the Device Name.
  10. In the Device URL enter:
    • smb://UCMNetID:password@ucmerced/ucmprint.ucmerced.edu/ucmglobal

    • Enter your UCMNetID and password.

Set as Default

  • A window should appear with the newly added printer in the printer list. Example:
  • To set a printer as your default printer, select the preferred printer, and go to Printers -> Make Default on the tool bar on top of the screen.

Releasing Print Jobs from UCMPrint

Once you have printed your document to UCMPrint, you can release your print job by going to the nearest UCMPrint-enabled printer (those equipped with a CatCard reader).
On the CatCard touch screen device, tap on the Print button, swipe your card as instructed on the screen, select the print job you’d like to have printed, and click on the Print Job button to have your document released to that printer.

UCMPrint-enabled Printers on Campus

The following is a partial list of the public printer locations that are set up to receive jobs from UCMGlobal:

  • Kolligian Library (Blue Wing) – Rooms 299, 399, 499
  • Kolligian Library (Gold Wing) – Rooms 202, 208, 210
  • Housing Terrace Center – Den Computer Lab

The following is a partial list of the public printer locations that are set up to receive jobs from UCMColor:

  • Kolligian Library (Blue Wing) – Room 299

For an up-to-date list of UCMPrint-enabled printers on campus, please go to http://it.ucmerced.edu/support/guides-faqs/printing .

Looking for help?

We offer a number of tutorials and FAQs available in the Guides & FAQs section.
If you have any questions, problems, or comments, please contact the IT Help Desk via email at helpdesk@ucmerced.edu, via phone at 209.228.HELP (4357), or visit them in the Classroom and Office Building room 132A.