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The UC Merced Information Technology (IT) Help Desk is the first step in obtaining support, for any configuration, malware/spyware, troubleshooting, or other technology related issue.Service may be obtained by walk-in, phone, e-mail, or appointment, and is available free of charge to all students, faculty, and staff. Please be prepared to provide the original CDs, documents, or product keys that came with your computer.

Locations and Hours

Classroom & Office Building 132A
Monday – Friday: 8AM – 5PM
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Half Dome 172
Sunday – Thursday: 3pm -10pm
Friday- Saturday: Closed

Kolligian Library, 2nd Floor
Monday – Thursday: 10am to 4pm
Friday: 10am- 3pm

Save Time!

1. Check to make sure your cables are all firmly plugged in. Although we do regularly replace the community use cables in classrooms, they can become worn and not fit as tightly as they should. Our classroom support technicians report that most interruptions to classtime due to technical issues are the result of a loose cable connection.

2. Try restarting your system. Most devices come with self-diagnostic software, and restarting the device (laptop, tablet, smart phone) tells it to give itself a quick checkup.