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UC Merced 2FA Enrollment Guide - New Students and Add Devices

There are three primary steps to activating Duo 2-Factor Authentication:

  1. First, you must log in to Identity Management to verify your UCMNetID.
  2. Second, you must enroll the device you will use as your second identity factor in Duo.
  3. Third, you must save and log out of Identity Managment. Note that your enrollment process is not complete until you finish this step!!

This page provides detailed instructions for completing those steps and setting up a smartphone as your 2nd 'factor.' This process should take you 5-10 minutes to complete.


Before you get started, you will need the following: 

  • Your computer
  • Your UCMNetId and password
  • Your mobile phone
  • Access to your phone's App Store

1. Visit the Duo 2-Factor Authentication Enrollment Page

Use your computer to navigate to the UC Merced 2-Factor Authentication Enrollment page at

Screenshot of landing page

2. Access Your Identity Management Profile

Click on UC Merced Identity Management.

Screenshot of landing page with an arrow pointing at the first link, "Log in to UC Merced Identity Management"

3. Enter Your Credentials

Enter your UCMNetId and password, then click Login.

Screenshot of UC Merced Single Sign On page with credentials filled in and a box around "Login" button

4. Manage Your Devices

Click Manage your devices with Duo 2-Factor Authentication.

Screenshot of landing page with a box around the second link, "Manage your devices with Duo 2-Factor Authentication"

5. Begin Device Enrollment

Click Start Setup.

Screenshot of Duo pop-up window with a box around "Start setup" button

6. Select Your Device Type

Select your device type, then click Continue.

Screenshot of Duo pop-up window with the words "What type of device are you adding?", "Mobile Phone" selected, and a box around the "Continue" button

7. Enter Your Phone Number

Enter your phone number, click the check box, and click Continue.

Screenshot of Duo pop-up window with words "Enter your phone number," a phone number entered, the box below phone number checked, and a box around the "Continue" button

8. Identify Phone Type

Select your phone type, then click Continue. If your phone is not a smart phone that can utilize apps, select "Other (and cell phones)."

Screenshot of Duo pop-up window with the words "What type of phone is 209-228-1234?", "iPhone" selected, and a box around the "Continue" button

9. Get the Duo Mobile app

Depending on your device, open the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to find and install the Duo Mobile app on your device. Once it is installed, click I have Duo Mobile installed.

Screenshot of Duo pop-up window with instructions to download Duo Mobile app and a box around the "I have Duo Mobile" button

10. Open Duo Mobile and Scan the QR Code

Open the Duo Mobile app, tap the "+" button, and scan the QR code with your phone until a green check mark appears. Then click Continue.

If the QR code won't scan, click the link to have an activation link emailed to you.

Screenshot of Duo pop-up window with a green check mark over a QR code and a box around the "Continue" button

11. Successful Device Enrollment

Click Dismiss to continue. Note: though you have successfully completed the process of registering your device with Duo, you are not yet done enrolling in 2FA. Please complete all the steps of the process or your enrollment will not be complete.

Screenshot of Duo pop-up window, which is green with confetti and words reading "Enrollment Successful!" and a box around the "Dismiss" button

12. Select your Preferred Authentication Method

Select the method by which you will typically authenticate — either via Push message or phone call — and click Save.

Screenshot of Duo pop-up window which reads "My Settings and Devices." In the drop-down menu titled "When I log in", "Automatically Send this device a Duo push" is selected, and a box is around the "Save" button

13. Add Another Device

Your device is now enrolled and your basic settings configured in Duo Mobile. We recommend that you register at least one other device so that you will be able to authenticate in the event that your primary method is unavailable. Click Add another device and enter the details of your second device.

Screenshot of Duo pop-up window with the words "My Settings and Devices" and a box around "Add Another Device" link under the list of devices.

14. Save and Log Out 

Return to the original UC Merced 2-Factor Authentication Enrollment page and click on Finish, Save Your Changes, and Log Out. When you see a "Succss" message flash on the screen as pictured below, you have successfully completed your enrollment in 2-Factor Authentication! 

Screenshot of the page with an arrow pointing towards the third link, "Finish, save your changes, and log out"

Congratulations! Your account is now secure. We recommend reading about 2FA Best Practices so that you're fully prepared for the most common 2FA challenges. You can also read through our FAQ for more information about 2FA and Duo. 

If you encounter any problems with 2FA, please contact the OIT Service Desk at (209) 228-HELP or "Report a Problem" on the front page of this site.