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Educational Continuity for Learning

Note that this Educational Continuity for Learning page will be retired on August 13, 2021.

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This page outlines methods to help students prepare to attend classes and complete schoolwork remotely. Each link will take you to resources to help you get set up with the tools your instructors may use and other activities you can undertake on your own to be prepared.

Information and resources listed here will continue to be updated as the campus works to provide additional tools, resources, and strategies. Last update: July 1, 2021 11:45 am. 

Note: As you prepare for online coursework, please be aware of increased cybersecurity threats disguised as information about COVID-19.

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Understand Your Instructors' Plans

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Check the syllabus in each of your courses for information on how instructors will handle unexpected shifts to instruction. Consider reaching out to your TAs and instructors to ask them:

  • What are their expectations of you as a student if you are unable to virtually attend class?
  • How would they like you to communicate with them?

Sign Up for Emergency Alerts

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Sign up to receive alerts from Emergency Management via text message and email:

Signing Up for UCM Alert Emergency Notifications

Continue to Study 

Notebook and Pencil IconDue to campus being closed, the university will continue to hold classes online. You may feel that it's a nice break BUT in times like these, you as a student are still expected to complete your coursework and study. 

Remember, for every unit you are taking, the expectation is that you will do three additional hours of work related to that class outside of class. This includes things like homework, reading, and studying. Make sure you don’t fall behind.

Communicate Needs to Your Instructor


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When your situation changes and affects your ability to learn, inform your instructors as soon as you can. Your instructors will be best suited to help you if they are informed early about problems or special needs.

Internet Services

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The FCC has announced an Emergency Broadband program that will allow qualifying households to receive:

• Up to a $50/month discount on your broadband service and associated equipment rentals

• Up to a $75/month discount if your household is on qualifying Tribal lands

• A one-time discount of up to $100 for a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer (with a co-payment of more than $10 but less than $50)

Please visit for more information and to apply beginning May 12, 2021.

We also suggest you contact your mobile cellular provider (e.g. Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon) to inquire if they will offer personal hotspot service to be added to wireless plans. These additional plans typically cost approximately $10 per month. In addition, confirm that you know how to track your data usage so that you do not unexpectedly run up expensive data charges.

Familiarize Yourself with Available Technologies and Resources

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Your instructor may communicate that they've chosen to use digital tools that are new to your class in order to facilitate online instruction.

In Getting Started with Digital Tools below, you will find links to guides to help you get set up with the various tools your instructor may ask you to use.

One tool the UC Merced campus uses to hold virtual meetings and classes is Zoom. Visit our Zoom page to learn more about managing Zoom features like joining meetings, testing your audio & video, using the virtual whiteboard, sharing screens, and more.

For more information and resources for a successful virtual semester visit our UC Merced Success Anywhere page.

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1. Setting Up Notifications in CatCourses

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Many instructors will put course resources and information into CatCourses to facilitate remote instruction. You can choose to be notified within CatCourses, via email, or via the CatCourses app. Take a look at your notification settings in CatCourses and adjust them so you are notified as you prefer about the things you find important.

2. Participating in Discussions in CatCourses

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Your instructors may use Discussion boards in CatCourses to facilitate class conversation. Sometimes these are required assignments that are graded, and sometimes they simply allow for group or course-wide conversations to occur.

3. Turning in Assignments in CatCourses, Using TurnItIn

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Instructors can set up Assignments in CatCourses that allow students to submit work online. You may be asked to upload documents, files, or provide text responses. Instructors and TAs may also provide you feedback and grades via these Assignments.

4. Attending Class Virtually Using Zoom

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Zoom is a videoconferencing platform that allows for synchronous audio and video communication. Instructors can schedule meetings that allow students to attend class online and facilitate virtual instruction. Students may be required to join Zoom meetings for lectures, group work, or other class activities.

5. Watching Pre-Recorded Lectures or Course Videos with Kaltura in CatCourses

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Your instructors may provide pre-recorded lectures or videos that you will be asked to watch. These can be accessed through the Kaltura Media Gallery tool in CatCourses . This menu will be available in any course that uses Kaltura.

6. Accessing Campus Resources Using VPN

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You'll need to utilize UC Merced's VPN service to facilitate remote connectivity and access on-campus resources such as library materials and campus computing resources. OIT announced the transition to a new VPN service that is more reliable and more secure. If you were a user of the Janus VPN, you now need to make the transition to the new VPN service in order to access on-campus resources. Those new to installing a VPN service should follow the instructions to get started.

7. Access Library Resources

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The Library has a full page of information about how to access resources from outside of campus.

8. Access Virtual Computer Labs & Software

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UC Merced Remote Lab
Academic and Emerging Technologies has created the UC Merced Remote Lab service which lets instructors and students access the OIT instructional computer labs Windows computers to prepare and complete classwork that uses class software. 

Please note that UC Merced Remote Lab requires that you use the UC Merced VPN service. See #6 above or go here to download the UC Merced VPN.

9. Quizzes & Exams: CatCourses & Respondus LockDown Browser/Respondus Monitor

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Your instructors may ask you to take assessments online using the Quizzes feature in CatCourses. Additionally, instructors may require the use of Respondus Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor. Respondus Lockdown Browser is a special web browser that you may be asked to use while taking Quizzes in CatCourses. If the LockDown Browser is required, you will be prompted to download and install the browser if you access the Quiz from any other web browser. If you are required to use Respondus Monitor, you will need to use LockDown browser and enable it to use your web camera.

10. Grad Students: Plan for online Qualifying Exams, Thesis, and Dissertation Defense

UC Merced Graduate Division has a comprehensive document that will help students understand expectations and prepare for remote or asynchronous exams and defenses.

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Take a look at CatCourses tutorials for students

Helpful CatCourses Tutorials: 

Browse through our CatCourses FAQs

Have a question?

Reach out to the OIT Service Desk

Our Service Desk is available to solve problems and answer questions. Find our locations, hours, and contact information: OIT Service Desk

Manage Stress


UC Merced is providing free access to Calm, the #1 sleep and meditation app, for students, faculty, and staff. Click here to learn more.

UC Merced Success Anywhere

For more information and resources for a successful virtual semester visit our UC Merced Success Anywhere page.