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High-Performance Computing

Unlike other research universities, UC Merced allows faculty and students access to HPC services free of charge. On-campus HPC Services include the Linux-based MERCED Cluster, a 2076-core cluster running Slurm (supported by the National Science Foundation Award ACI-1429783), as well as how to access Regional and National HPC on San Diego Supercomputing Center and other XSEDE locations (these are fee-based).

Are you interested in UC Merced's High-performance Computing? Please visit our HPC Wiki and learn more. If you are ready to sign up for an account on MERCED, please visit the UC Merced OIT Service Catalog and request an account (PI status or PI approval required).

Cognitive Hardware and Software Ecosystem, Community Infrastructure (CHASE-CI) is a cloud of hundreds of affordable Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), networked together with a variety of neural network machines to facilitate development of next generation cognitive computing (NSF Award #1730158). Led by UCSD, CHASE-CI allows researchers across all 10 UC campuses to conduct research into advanced machine learning techniques. If you are interested in learning more about CHASE-CI, please contact Research Computing.

Accessing Additional Computational Resources

Some researchers may have needs that exceed our campus computing capabilities - they may need more machines to complete a task quickly or they may need more specialized types of computing nodes (e.g. GPU nodes). We have access to both the San Diego Supercomputing Center (SDSC) and the national-level computing resources known as XSEDE. SDSC and XSEDE offer significant amounts of compute time to researchers interested in trying HPC at large-scales.

Information about additional Resources through XSEDE and HPC@UC Program can be found here.