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Computer Purchases


This service is for UC Merced Faculty and Staff.

Use this service to obtain a quote for UC Merced’s standard laptops, desktops, monitors, and docking stations. The quote includes pre-negotiated costs, which offer discounted pricing for the purchase of new computers and hardware.

What do I need to get this service?

Current UC Merced Faculty or Staff who need a computer for university business. For a quote, please use the links provided for a list of equipment.

What is included?

OIT provides consultation and quotes for requested PC/Mac hardware: laptops, desktops, monitors, and other peripherals.

Current PC Models

Current Mac Models (redirects you to the Campus Bookstore catalog)

Visit the campus bookstore for a quote. Quotes can be obtained using the first link for PC models or by visiting the campus bookstore for Apple devices. This quote will be submitted to your departmental purchasing agent for processing.

When is support available for this service?

Self service is available 24x7.

How long does it take to get this service?

This is a self service option and is available 24x7.

How do I stop or change this service?

Please contact the OIT Service Desk with any questions.



Additional Information

Desktop Support Guidelines

The Downtown Campus Center (DCC) conference rooms are all HDMI video only.  Be sure your computer has an HDMI port otherwise refer to this chart for the required adapter:  

  • HP 1040 – Nothing. Comes with HDMI
  • HP 840 G3 – DisplayPort to HDMI adapter 
  • HP 650 G2 – DisplayPort to HDMI adapter
  • HP Folio G4 1040 – Nothing. Comes with HDMI
  • Dell Latitude E7470 - Nothing. Comes with HDMI
  • Dell Latitude E5470 - Nothing. Comes with HDMI
  • Surface Pro – Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI adapter
  • iPad – Lightning to HDMI