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Currently, UC Merced manages two campus printing solutions: UCM Print and PawPrint. UCM Print is the preferred solution as UC Merced transitions off of PawPrint. Please use this page to determine which solution works best for you based on your location.  

  • UCM Print - uses your CatCard to authentic and release your print job. Using UCM Print allows you to send your print job to a print queue, which can then be printed at any UCM Print device regardless of location. NOTE: Documents sent to the print queue will be held for to 24 hours. 
  • Pawprint - requires a department code to send your print job to the printer. If you do not know your accounting code, check with your department CAO/MSO.

Driver Installation Steps:

1. Review this list to see if the printer is UCM Print or PawPrint.  If it is PawPrint and you have Mac computer, keep this list open for later reference. 

2.  Install the printer driver.

  • For UCM Print: Click here to access the "Installation Instructions for ...", to complete the steps for installing the print driver.
  1. Click on the link for the manufacturer of the printer and follow the instructions to install the driver:  Canon or Xerox
  2. Click on the link for the manufacturer to set up the accounting code:  Canon or Xerox

For manufacturers not listed, please submit a service request