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Current Projects

Current Status as of 05.14.2021

The OIT Project Management office tracks project status weekly to monitor and control project performance. Links to additional project information is provided where available.

Phase 4: Closing

These project teams are wrapping up work, documenting lessons learned, and preparing for stakeholder signoff.

  • DFA -Handshake: UC Merced has initiated the replacement of the "PAWS" legacy student recruiting system over to Handshake. Handshake provides better security and an enjoyable applicant experience, and enables superior workflow and transparent recruitment processes.

Phase 3: Executing

These project teams are working to complete the objectives as outlined in their project scope.

  • TIER Campus Success ProgramMigrate our current interim Identity registry system to the TIER identity registry product midPoint. TIER midPoint will align UC Merced with a higher level of security in line with other Universities.
  • i-Sight UC Systemwide: i-Sight is a cloud-based case management platform used by the Title IX offices streamlining the investigative process from intake to final report, and provides the information needed to analyze results, demonstrate trends and prevent losses. Due to Audit recommendations, UCOP is working to implement i-Sight as the Title IX Case Management system. UC Merced is also migrating our existing Advocate solution to i-Sight..
  • DFA Service Now Implementation:  Build ServiceNow request/incident tickets for the Division of Finance and Administration. Ths multi-phase approach focuses support for DFA operations as Alpha Financials rolls out January 4th.
  • Academic Activity Tracking: Report academic activity in support of Financial audit findings.

Phase 2: Planning

These project teams are working to define a detailed scope, resource plan, budget, and project schedule.

  • AWS Migration: Formalizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) offerings and migrating existing systems hosted at UCB to AWS as part of the OIT Cloud First Strategy.
  • UCPATH PUM Upgrade Project:  The UCPATH system will be upgraded from V17 (current version) to V37. This is a UCOP mandate where all locations are required to upgrade UCPATH. This upgrade will improve stability, address compliance gaps, reduce PII data security risks.
  • Campus Security Initiative:  A campus security initiative project compliant with IS-3 to protect UC Merced institutional resources, with visibility critical to endpoints to over 100+ units. The Endpoint management program will allow UCM/OIT to centrally manage end user devices and ensure protection, mitigating business risks by timely alerts, security patch deployment.

Phase 1: Initiating

These project teams are working on a preliminary outline of the project's scope and objectives, indentifying participants, and defining their roles and responsibilities.

  • CatLife: Presence student engagement platform replaces Campus Labs Engage/CatLife. The new system simplifies processes with Organization and Event & Form Management by bringing our clubs & organizations, event processes, and forms online. The project also delivers increased functionality in the following ares: data/assessment, demonstrating co-curricular learning, providing virtual engagement opportunities, forms functionality, and a much-improved user experience.