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Report a Security Incident

Close-Up of blue keyboard, with the "Enter" key replaced by a red key that reads "phising"

A computer security incident is any attempted or successful unauthorized access, disclosure, or misuse of computing systems, data or networks, including hacking and theft.

Data Breach

If you think your computer has been compromised, and you have restricted data such as Social Security Numbers or Personal Health Information, report it immediately.

  1. If it is still in your possession, remove the computing system from the campus network.
  2. Do not turn the system off / shut it down.
  3. Do not run anti-virus, anti-spyware, or other “cleaning” tools.
  4. Campus: Contact the OIT Service Desk at 209-228-HELP(4357) to report that a potential data breach has occurred and request immediate notification of the OIT Security Team. Send detailed information to security

Stolen Computer, Laptop, Phone, Tablet, or other Device

  1. File a report with the UC Merced Police Department.
  2. If you a university employee, report it to your supervisor or school administration.
  3. If you have University restricted data, immediately follow the data breach process above.

UCMNetID Compromised

If you think your UCMNetID password has been stolen, or your account has been inappropriately accessed:

  1. Immediately reset your password.
  2. Notify the OIT Security Team by emailing or contact the OIT Service Desk at 209-228-HELP(4357) and request the Data Security team.
  3. If you are a University employee, also notify your supervisor.
  4. If appropriate, file a report with the UC Merced Police Department.

Reporting Spam and Phishing

Spam and phishing complaints can be forwarded to for reporting and analysis