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About Us

OIT worker helping student at the Library Service DeskThe primary goal of the Office of Information Technology (OIT) at UC Merced is to provide students, faculty, and staff at UC Merced with high quality infrastructure, support, and innovation in the delivery of information technology products and services. We believe that information technology should be an easily accessible and a continually improving resource, both robust in scope, and flexible enough to support the growing needs of the campus community.


Our Mission:

To serve students, faculty, and staff at UC Merced by transforming and bridging technology resources and services to support and enable teaching, learning, and research. 

Strategic Outcomes

Fix IT

Build Operational Capacity

Create Sustainability & Scalability

Establish & Communicate Value

Operating Principles

  1. We focus on fixing IT for the campus community at the system level to support individual and unit needs.
  2. We build operational capacity that enables us to be a nimble and resilient IT organization.
  3. We seek sustainable and scalable technology solutions that demonstrate our commitment to resource stewardship.
  4. We are responsible for understanding and communicating the ways in which our services and products deliver value to the campus.
  5. We enable self-services and automation whenever appropriate so that we can standardize when possible, and customize when necessary.
  6. We manage technology complexity by applying our policies, processes, systems, and tools in a disciplined and thoughtful manner.


Our Vision

As an intelligent tool, technology supports the institution mission when it is abundantly deployed – in accordance with our priorities – to differentiate the individual experience and to achieve common goals.

Value Statement

OIT will enable scalability and sustainability through automation and self-service delivery, and reduce complexity via a commitment to standardize where possible, and customize when necessary.

Staff Directory:

The OIT Staff Directory has been compiled for the use and convenience of the faculty, staff and students of the University of California, Merced and others working with the UC Merced community.

Support Standards:

The UC Merced Office of Information Technology desktop support guidelines are based on established University IT standards for hardware, peripherals and software. If you are experiencing a problem that interrupts normal operations, or would like to request service related to a university computer, please contact the OIT Service Desk (209-228-HELP or The Service Desk will respond to the incident based upon its priority and impact.