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Cross Campus Enrollment System - CCES

September 25, 2019

New Beginning Statue Fall


The Cross Campus Enrollment System (CCES) is a UCOP sponsored project that allows students at all UC campuses to search for and select online courses hosted at UC Merced. Alternatively, UC Merced students can enroll in courses offered from other UC campuses. 

The goal of the CCES is to allow students to locate and enroll in courses at another campus (the Host Campus) to satisfy general degree requirements and thereby reduce a student’s overall time to degree. This is especially true for classes that fill up quickly for incoming and transfer students.



  • Allow students to locate and enroll in courses at other UC campuses that are currently full at UC Merced

  • Provide online courses at other campuses to meet their student's general course requirement needs

  • Allow the student to finish their degree in a shorter amount of time and reduce tuition costs.

  • Automate eligibility to enroll in a requested course, verify academic standing, and verify the course meets degree requirements

Current State

Students oftentimes find that general degree required courses fill up quickly and there is no option but to wait another term for their course. A four year degree is difficult to achieve when courses are not available.  In addition, the overall cost to the student is greater if they cannot complete their degree within four years.

Future State

The ability to search for, locate and register for an online course at another UC campus allows students to meet degree requirements sooner. This equates to lower costs to the student and makes a four year degree achievable.


Oct. 2019

Final Testing

Nov. 22, 2019

Project go-live






Project Stakeholders include Registrar's Office, UCOP

Impacted users of the Cross Campus Enrollment System (CCES) are:

  • Students

  • Advisors