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New process for inactive student accounts with less than 24 credits

January 12, 2023
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What's Happening?

Starting January 18th, 2023, OIT's Identity and Access Management services will make a change to the way that they handle some inactive student accounts.

After 1/18, inactive student accounts with less than 24 completed units will be deactivated after a 90-day notification period. During this period, affected students will be notified of the pending deactivation at 90, 60, and 30 days via their UC Merced and personal email addresses. A final notification on the day of deactivation will also be sent.

Once a student account is inactive, it will immediately lose access to any service that requires login with UCMNetID and password, and to all data associated with their account, including the following:

  • UCM email ( — emails will be deleted
  • MyMerced section of (student portal) 
  • Zoom access
  • — files & data will be deleted

The 90-day notification period will allow inactive students time to resolve any unfinished business or download files saved or associated with their UC Merced accounts.


This affects me or will affect the students I support. What do I do next?

During this notification window, inactive students can take time to resolve any unfinished business using the following resources:

  • Review their student checklist within UC Merced Connect
  • Download any items they wish to retain from their UC Merced services (listed above) and save them to a personal device.
  • Access student records: print and save an unofficial transcript
  • Housing: cancel housing contract if applicable
  • MyBill: resolve any outstanding balances. Inactive students on an approved payment plan will need to contact


My account was deactivated, but I want to come back to UC Merced. How do I reclaim my UCMNetID?


Inactive students interested in returning to UC Merced will need to complete a reentry application. More information can be found here:

If you have any questions regarding this function change, please contact the Students First Center. 


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