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RemoteLab is a collection of virtualized computing environments provided by the Office of Information Technology and the School of Engineering. These computing environments can be accessed through a web browser from off-campus. This service provides access to instructional software and high performance computing environments to those using a Mac or a PC through Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.

Please choose the environment below based on your software or operating system needs. All services will require you to log in with your UCMNetID and password.

Windows Modeling Desktops - ArcGIS, ENVI, Solidworks button Windows Desktops All Software Button

*With the return on in-person instruction, Windows Desktops will not be available between 7AM - 11PM weekdays until further notice*


Current Software List

How to get started


  • Where is the "School of Engineering Linux Desktops" button?

    • The Linux desktops have been temporarily removed for the Fall 2021 semester. The linux desktop is accessible on campus in the open lab SSM 152. To reach the linux desktop, simply reboot the computer and repeatedly press F12 during the startup.

  • Who can access to RemoteLab services? 
    • Anyone with a UCMNetID can access RemoteLab services 
  • How do I connect to a computer? 
    • Please refer to the “How to get started” tab for more information 
  • Does it require VPN? 
    • The UC Merced VPN is not required to use RemoteLab services. 
  • Is there a limit for the total number of users for Windows Modeling Desktops at the same time? 
    • Windows Modeling Desktops supports up to 50 concurrent users 
  • How can I save my work? 
    • Files will not be saved onto the RemoteLab computer once the session ends. UC Merced provides Box and OneDrive cloud storage for all students and faculty. It is recommended to upload your work to either of those services before closing your connection. 
  • How long can I leave my RemoteLab session idle? 
    • After 10 minutes, you will be automatically disconnected  
  • How do I access Classfiles from my personal computer? 
    • Linked here is a guide on how to connect to Classfiles  
  • If I close the tab, can I recover my work? 
    • Your session will stay on for 10 minutes after closing your browser tab, after the 10 minutes your session will be ended and unrecoverable.  
  • Are there in person computer labs available on campus? 
    • SSM 152 is open Mon-Thu from 8AM to 10PM and Fridays close early at 8PM. Please see here for more information on holiday closures.  
  • How do I know which computer to use in Windows Desktops? 
    • Please refer to the software list here to find a computer with the software you need 
  • How do I know if a computer is in use on Windows Desktops? 
    • A computer in use will have “Currently in use by 1 user” on the right of its name  
  • How do I access Adobe CC? 
    • Adobe CC is available on Windows Desktops for all connections in the “SSM 152” group 
  • How is access to Windows Desktops computers managed? 
    • Access is currently at first come first serve basis  
  • How long can I use Windows Desktops? 
    • Sessions have a maximum of 4 hours, and inactive/idle sessions will be automatically disconnected after 10 minutes 
  • How long can I use Windows Modeling Desktops? 
    • One session is limited to 4 hours, inactive/idle sessions will be automatically disconnected after 15 minutes 
  • Instead of using RemoteLab can’t I just download the software to my own laptop? 
    • Certain software can be downloaded and installed for free on your personal device available here
  • Can I use RemoteLab on my tablet? 
    • RemoteLab access on tablets is possible but it is recommended to use a desktop computer 
  • Who do I contact when I have a problem? 

Computers are available for 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, except for Sunday mornings from 12:01 am to 6:00 am, in which the computing environments may be offline for updates or maintenance. For questions or issues, please reach out to Academic and Emerging Technologies through our AET Support Services.