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Calm App is Now Free for UC Merced

Calm Premium Access for UC Merced Students, Staff, and Faculty


Individual and community well-being is essential as we work through the COVID-19 pandemic and its significant impact on our professional and personal lives.

In the pursuit of helping all members of the campus community maintain positive self-care, we have purchased a license that will allow every student, staff, and faculty member to enjoy a free subscription to Calm, the #1 sleep and meditation app. We invite you to explore the Calm features as a resource to practice mindfulness to reduce anxiety and stress, improve sleep and focus, and enhance academic and workplace productivity and performance.


Getting Started

Already Have a Calm Account?

If you have used Calm previously, please select "Yes" at and follow the prompts to connect your existing account to the UC Merced subscription. You can also visit this FAQ, which includes instructions and links for downloading the app and updating your email address.

Additional Resources

Find additional resources at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and take a moment to listen to Mindful Breathing, a short instructional video created by the center’s co-founder, UC Berkeley psychologist Dacher Keltner.

This resource is possible via a partnership between The Office of Information Technology; Chief Diversity Officer Dania Matos; and Associate Professor of Applied Math Suzanne Sindi, with generous support from Interim Chancellor Nathan Brostrom and Executive Vice Chancellor Provost Gregg Camfield.

Get Calm. Be Calm.