National Cybersecurity Month – Part One: Phishing

In light of recent articles regarding the public sale of classified user information from businesses and universities worldwide, we at UC Merced would like to help bring members of our campus community up to speed on the current state of cybersecurity, and what you can do to keep yourself from becoming a statistic.

Each week this month, we will be reviewing one of the most commonly used methods that hackers can employ to gain your information. All of these are easily preventable with no technical knowledge, and literally can done by anyone.

Your Own Best Defense

Think about it this way: you can build a fortress to protect your most precious possessions, with every conceivable security measure in place. But if you leave the door open, people will get in.

Strong security begins and ends with you. Nobody is perfect, but good habits come with practice. So let’s take a look at these basic concepts we can all practice to protect ourselves and our data.

iOS 8 Update

The new iOS 8 for iPhones and iPads was released last week. UC Merced IT staff have tested it, and encountered no compatibility issues with services such as wireless, VPN, email, and calendar.

For more information about updating your device, performance on older devices, and answers to other common questions, read on.

Illegal File Sharing


“What is Illegal File Sharing?”

File-sharing of copyrighted material over the Internet is illegal and considered theft under the 1976 Copyright Act. If found guilty, the RIAA has the legal capability to sue from $750 to $150,000 per media offense. Make sure that you are not one of these individuals by not downloading or uploading copyrighted material. Illegal file-sharing is not only a violation of Federal Law, but also of the UC Merced Acceptable Use Policy. Do not be a part of the illegal distribution of copyrighted media over the Internet. For information about UC Merced’s program to combat illegal file-sharing, in response to the Higher Education Opportunities Act of 2008, visit the HEOA page.

A Message From AVC/CIO Kovalchick


While it has been a hectic week and half since arriving on campus, I am thrilled to be here at UC Merced and appreciate the warm welcome I’ve received from the campus community.

The information technology environment offers the usual challenges and opportunities of any large, complex system, and I look forward to building capacity that will effectively support teaching, research and day–to–day productivity. I’m confident this is possible and certain it will be hard work.