Voicemail Migration Begins Today

AT&T is in the process of migrating all UC Merced phone landlines to the new Unified Messaging Platform. During this transition, users may notice that the voicemail light on their phone is blinking, and access to voicemail messages is unavailable. If you see this on your phone, it means your voicemail box has already been migrated over, and any NEW messages will be available as soon as you sign in with your new passcode.

Unfortunately, AT&T has not provided us with a means to access the OLD voicemail boxes after a line has been migrated over, so we STRONGLY encourage you to check your voicemail frequently to ensure no messages are lost during this transition.

Users should expect an email over the next few days including a new temporary passcode and instructions on how to update the voicemail box password on your landline phone. We are working to get these out as quickly as possible, and appreciate your patience in the meantime.

If you need further information, or help setting up your new voicemail box password, please contact Louis Duenas at 209-228-4868 or Janet Hines at 209-228-4862 for assistance.

Data Privacy Month Begins Today

Privacy Begins With YOU

To kick off Data Privacy Month here at UC Merced, we welcome any Students, Staff, or Faculty to stop by the new IT Express Library Service Desk on Friday, January 30th, or Monday February 2nd from 8am-5pm to participate in a quick data privacy challenge that asks: “Are You Smarter Than Your Phone?”

Bring your mobile device for a fast privacy check up, and info on how you can easily increase your data security with minimum time and effort.

Office 365 Update

Great news! After working for over a day solid with Microsoft Tier 3 Support, we believe the issue causing some UC Merced accounts to be unable to access their email or calendars from their mail programs has been fixed.

We have been contacting known affected users to verify, and all have checked in as working so far. If you were one of the individuals experiencing this issue, and are STILL unable to access your email or calendar from programs such as Outlook or Thunderbird, please contact the IT Help Desk to let them know!

Students: Your 1098-T Tuition Statement is Available Online

The IT Help Desk has received several calls from concerned students regarding an email recently sent from “tcrs@xerox.com” in regards to accessing their 1098-T statements. This is a legitimate email from the UC’s partner Tax Credit Reporting Service. (A subsidiary of Xerox Corp.)

To download/print your 1098-T Statement:

  1. Open a browser window, and go to http://www.1098T.com
  2. Select “Access My Record”.
  3. Enter your student information to download your statement.

Thank you to the students who were diligent in recognizing and reporting what looked like it may have been a phishing attempt. We will be sure to provide your feedback to our partners so they can look at how they may better format their notices in the future.

Office 365 Interruption Update and Connectivity Options

Microsoft’s Tier 2 identity team continues to investigate the issues that have affected email access for a group of users on campus for the past week. Proposed fixes have been provided to our IT system administrators and applied, but these attempts have not resolved the problem.

At this time, affected users have two working options to access their email and calendar:

Through the Outlook Web App (OWA)…

  1. Open a browser window.
  2. Open the following link: https://o365.ucmerced.edu
  3. Enter your UCMNetID and Password.

On Mobile Devices…
Use your mobile device to download one of the following FREE apps:

  • OWA for iPhone
  • OWA for iPad
  • OWA for Android

If you need assistance with configuring the app on your mobile device, please visit or contact the IT Help Desk.