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Zoom is here!
Simple video conferencing, online meetings, and cross-platform group chat into one easy-to-use platform.
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Technology Enabled Active Learning at University of California, Merced
The first of many UC Merced TEAL Labs will be available for instructors to use in Spring 2017.
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Our Vision: As an intelligent tool, technology supports the institution mission when it is abundantly deployed – in accordance with our priorities – to differentiate the individual experience and to achieve common goals.

The Mission of the Information Technology Department of UC Merced is to serve students, faculty, and staff by transforming and bridging technology resources and services to support teaching, learning, and research.

We believe that Information Technology should be an easily accessible and continually improving resource, both robust in scope, and flexible enough to support the growing needs of the campus community.

UCM IT Value Statement: Our Guiding Principles for Strategic Action

UCM IT will Enable Scalability, Ensure Sustainability through automation and self-service delivery, and Reduce Complexity via a commitment to Standardize where possible, and Customize when necessary.