Wireless Access in SE2 – UPDATE

Wireless Access in the Science and Engineering 2 Building has been restored. Thank you for your patience!

New Apple OSX – Yosemite

Apple has recently released updates to its operating systems, OSX and iOS. The IT Department has tested both of these releases, and found that they do function correctly with the following services:

  • Wifi
  • Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc…
  • O365 – Mail/Calendar
  • VPN
  • Box.com

That said, there are some changes we would like to highlight:

  1. After updating to OSX Yosemite, a very small number of our clients have reported instabilities when using Lync. If you are experiencing this issue, please contact the IT Help Desk as we have a workaround available until Microsoft patches Lync.
  2. In iOS 8.0.2, many of our clients reported wifi performance issues with frequent disconnects and timing outs. iOS 8.1 has corrected this issue.
  3. In iOS 8.0.2, some of our clients reported issues using the Apple 30-pin Connector to VGA adapters with their devices. iOS 8.1 appears to have corrected these issues as well.

With that in mind, we feel comfortable recommending to our clients that they update OSX and iOS as soon as it is convenient. If you need assistance, or additional information, please feel free to contact the IT Help Desk.

Afternoon Update

Our techs are working on installation of replacement hardware for the impacted systems. They still don’t have a time estimate on the restoration process for the two remaining down services (UCMStor and UCMBobcat). All other systems are up and operational at this time.

For the sake of expediency, we are encouraging our users to upload any personal copies of files they cannot access on those services to Box.

Go here to learn more about Box and Box Sync!

Afternoon Update

More systems have been restored!

Here is the summary list as of 1:05PM.

These systems are online and operational:

AdAstra – Online
ALC – Online
AMX RMS – Online – Still Configuring
Banner – Online
CampusCMS – Online
CSGold – Online
EDMS – Online
eDoc – Online
ePay – Online
FacultyReports – Online
fsaAtlas – Online
Identity Management – Online
IntelForms- Online
iTaps – Online
MediaSite – Online
ODI – Online
ODS – Online
Printing Services – Online
PTR – Online
Raiser’s Edge – Online
Ridge Line Services – Online
Tcom-sql01 – Online
Tek Track – Online
Track-IT – Online
Wpnsm01 – Online
Wdffmap01 – Online
Wpffmap01 – Online
wpdssghost01 – Online

These systems are offline or have limited functionality:

UCMSTOR – Offline

National Cybersecurity Month – Part Three: Using Passphrases

We all know that having a strong password is a good idea, and that a more complex password is stronger than a simple one. But the pitfall of this is trying to remember a complex password, especially when we are expected to remember so many different ones. This frustration leads to writing them down somewhere. Which is a lot like leaving your house key under your doormat.

Searching for Files in Email

While waiting for our technicians to finish their evaluation of UCMStor, our team has put together a few “cheat sheets” to help users locate files they may have stored in their email history.

How to Search Through Email – Thunderbird
How to Search Through Email – Outlook 2011
How to Search Through Email – Outlook 2013
How to Search Through Email – OWA
How to Search Through Email – MacMail
How to Search Through Email – Office 2010
How to Search for Files on Local Windows Machine
How to Search for Files on Local Mac OS X Machine

Introducing CrashPlan

UC Merced IT is excited to announce that we will be offering CrashPlan to all Faculty and Staff. CrashPlan is a powerful service for desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, that offers unlimited, automatic system backups. We are currently working out deployment details with the vendor, but you can read more about this service here:


Message from CIO Concerning Current Outages

Dear Campus Community –

As you might know by now, some of the campus servers are experiencing difficulties.

Right now, these services and resources are impacted:

  • UCM Bobcat
  • Authentication services – CAS, LDAP, AD and Shib. Because they are experiencing trouble, you might not be able to access Box.net, UCM Crops and the UCM Portal.

The infrastructure for these services is built on IBM hardware, and IBM has sent staff experts to campus to work directly with our IT staff to stabilize these systems.

I have also asked IBM to escalate services to assist in restoring files stores on UCMSTOR and UCM Bobcat.

We do not know what caused this issue, but feel certain we will know much more once IBM representatives have had a chance to examine the outage.

We will issue updates as new information becomes available. You can follow our Twitter and Facebook updates or see more detailed updates on the IT site.

Thank you for your patience.


Ann Kovalchick,
Associate Vice Chancellor of Information Technology

Current Status of IT Services

At this time UCMIT is continuing to work with the vendor to address the ongoing outages of CAS (Single Sign-On) and UCMStor. Updates will be provided throughout the day as they become available. We’re still here and working as quickly as we can to get services restored. Thank you for your continued patience and support!

[UPDATE 10/11/2014 - 11:44AM] – UCMIT Staff are still working aggressively to restore these services. We will provide detailed updates as they become available.