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Behind The Scenes: Webinar Series

Welcome to OIT Behind The Scenes

OIT Behind the Scenes is a webinar series from and about OIT. Over the course of the 2021/22 academic year, OIT has produced monthly webinars covering a variety of IT topics and areas—taking the campus community 'behind the scenes' to learn more about the platforms and services OIT supports.

Upcoming Webinars


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Webinar Abstracts & Resources

Webinar 1 - Welcome to OIT: Back to Basics
July 28, 2021

Abstract, Resources, Recording

A great refresher if you want to keep up on what's new in OIT, if you are returning to campus this fall, or if you are new to UC Merced!

This hour-long session features:

  • Introduction to the new OIT Service Desk location
  • How to navigate the newly-launched OIT Service Hub
  • Review how to engage OIT for help
  • Quick tips about some of our key services
  • Q&A session

Webinar 2 - Learning to (UC Merced) Connect
September 2, 2021

Abstract, Resources, Recording

A great refresher if you want to keep up on what's new with UC Merced Connect platform, or if you are new to campus and want to learn more about UC Merced Connect.This hour-long session features:

  • Short history of the platform
  • Review of key platform features
  • Real-world use cases for students, faculty, and staff
  • What's new in the platform and what's coming soon
  • Q&A session


Webinar 3 - Data & Identity Security
October 6, 2021

Abstract, Resources, Recording

Join OIT for National Cyber Security Awareness Month to learn more about how to protect your data and online identity.

This hour-long session features:

  • Help you understand the complexity of the current cyber landscape
  • Offer concrete steps you can take to make your information safer
  • Teach you about services and tools for data security that UC Merced supports and more!


Webinar 4 - Cybersecurity Incidents
October 27, 2021

Abstract, Resources, Recording

Webinar 2 of National Cyber Security Awareness Month and 4 of the Behind the Scenes Series is all about how UC Merced handles cybersecurity incidents.

This hour-long session features:

  • The types of cybersecurity events you might encounter
  • What steps to take when you suspect a cybersecurity incident
  • How cybersecurity incidents are handled at UC Merced
  • What resources exist for you, and more!


Webinar 5 - OIT Incident Management
November 15, 2021

Abstract, Resources, Recording

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes when a campus technology or service isn't working correctly? Watch this webinar to see a breakdown of our process including how we identify, diagnose, fix, monitor, and learn from individual problems. We'll also cover how to find out if there's a problem with a particular technology on campus, and where to go to get updates when something is down.

Webinar 6 - Classroom Support
January 13, 2022

Abstract, Resources, Recording

Learn more about the spaces OIT supports, how support happens on campus, why some rooms are configured the way they are, and more!

Webinar 7 - Cloudy with a Chance of Infrastructure
February 15, 2022

Abstract, Resources, Recording

In this webinar, you'll meet our team of cloud specialists and learn about cloud computing at UC Merced

Including ~

  • How cloud might help you manage your next important project!
  • UC Merced's journey to the cloud & why we have a "cloud first" strategy
  • How OIT helps to bring cloud services to campus
  • Q&A session to answer your specific questions


Webinar 8 - Research Technology
March 16, 2022

Abstract, Resources, Recording

Join us as we discuss all things research computing: its importance at UC Merced, campus computing resources, services we offer to help you get started or dive deeper, and more!


Webinar 9 - Technology Procurement
April 14, 2022

Abstract, Resources, Recording

Join OIT and Procurement for a very special webinar to discuss technology procurement at UC Merced. We discuss how & why technology procurement differs from purchasing other types of things on campus, what you should know about various types of technology purchasing, current challenges our experts are seeing on campus, and more.

Webinar Resources & Recordings

Here are the questions asked & answered as a part of this session.

Q: Is Adobe Acrobat free for campus? How about Creative Cloud?
Adobe Acrobat Reader is free for students. Faculty & Staff have access to AA Pro. As for Creative Cloud students can access it for free via the computer labs in SSM 152 & ACS 134. Faculty & Staff can make a request in servicenow & receive it through their department. For more details look at our software list & communicate with our Service Desk.

Q: What sort of factors go into the choice between developing applications at UC Merced, or purchasing enterprise-wide applications?
We start with the problem/question: "What does the program need to do?" Then we work from there. How much is it going to cost, do we have anything already that would work, if no how long would it take to build something in house? If we do that, what’s the path to create the software and all its phases? These [questions] help us and the person who needs the program decide the best choice.

Q Is there a chip shortage? or is that fake news?
Yes, it is affecting what is available for laptops & processors. There is also a silica shortage due to vaccine production that is affecting the availability of screens. The shortage is easing up, but this is a pre pandemic problem and has been a struggle.  

Q Where can I go for recommendations on purchasing a new laptop for work?
We partner with Dell and have a list of laptops we update regularly. If you are looking for mac products, we have a good offering through CBS2. If you still have questions contact Service Desk & the team will be more than happy to help.   

Q How come we don’t get like a TV from Walmart for displays?
A number of reasons, but it comes down to the fact that consumer products are not built for commercial use.  

Q Why is UC Merced partnered with Dell and not HP?
Dell has given us better support for their products, and some of our in house IT members are certified to work and repair Dell products.  

Q If I'm a professor: I want to make sure my computer at work is integrated with my computer at home. where do I go to talk with someone? I am not very computer literate.
A Please contact the Service Desk (209-288-HELP) and they can assist with this. 

IS-3 Ask Me Anything

April 21, 2022

Abstract, Resources, Recording

Join Interim CIO Nick Dugan for an “Ask Me Anything” session on BFB-IS-3 (aka IS-3). IS-3 is the University of California’s systemwide information security policy and all information activity at UC Merced, especially the management and protection of institutional information, must be conducted according to this policy. During this session, you’ll learn what the policy means for you and your department, the role you play in the implementation of IS-3, actions to take to be in compliance with the policy, and much much more.

Webinar 10 - O365 Tools

September 21, 2022

Abstract, Resources, Recording

Join OIT to discuss the Microsoft's O365 suite, what applications come with UCM's license, tips & tricks to make the most out of O365, and more!

Why a Webinar Series?

One of the key action items identified in recommendations resulting from Office of Information Technology's 2018 Administrative Review (completed in late 2019), was to increase outreach and end-user education. In response - delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic — OIT is creating and producing this series of webinars during 2021/2022.

Our broad goals for this effort are:

  • Allow OIT & campus constituents to examine impacts resulting from the rapid pace of technological change
  • provide an opportunity for campus stakeholders to learn about new and established technology solutions and services that OIT offers

Learn more by watching this short video:

OIT Behind the Scenes - A Short History on Kaltura.