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Our Spaces

Integrated Technology

All the classroom and conference spaces that OIT supports and maintains come with a standard compliment of integrated audio/visual technology:

  • A primary display
  • Laptop connection
  • Speakers
  • Document camera
  • Controlpanel or pad

Simply, this means there is no need to deploy your own AV technology for basic classes or meetings in these spaces.Find additional information on classroom technology here.


UC Merced employs a 'bring your own device + adapter' (BYOD+A) model in all its instructional spaces. This allows the greatest flexibility for instructors and for sustainable space support as our campus continues to grow.

While the AET team provides the most commonly used adapters in our classroom and conference room spaces, please plan to bring appropriate adapters with your laptop or tablet when you teach.

Analog vs. Digital Technology

Many of UC Merced’s buildings were designed and commissioned during a pivotal time for AV technologies known as the “Analog Sunset.” The type of integrated technology in UC Merced’s classrooms and conference rooms will depend on when the building was initially designed and commissioned.  

All buildings commissioned before 2009 (COB1 and SSM) have analog (VGA) connectivity. While a minority of modern devices come with unique connectors, the AET team continues to provide the most common adapters or other means to assist our clients in connecting their devices to older rooms while remaining in compliance with Federal regulations. 

All buildings commissioned after 2009 have industry standard digital (HDMI) connections.

Unique and Specialized


  • Lakireddy Auditorium (COB 102) - 380 Seats
  • Arts & Computational Sciences Auditorium (ACS 120) - 290 Seats

Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) Labs

Read more about TEAL here

  • Classroom & Office Building 2 175 – 90 Seats
  • Granite Pass 110 – 90 Seats
  • Granite Pass 120 – 45 Seats
  • Granite Pass 125 – 45 Seats