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About Instructional Design

Course Design & Development

With a focus on Inclusion, Instructional Designers from the Teaching Commons are here to collaborate with instructors on designing and creating inclusive learning environments with technology. We value learner variability and respect diversity, equitable access to learning and engagement opportunities.

Whether the goal is adding web enhancements to your face-to-face course, developing new or adaptive features for mixed delivery, or transforming a face-to-face course to fully online delivery, we have expertise in evidence based best practices and have many resources to help along the way.

We provide a continuum of course design and UC Merced supported educational technology assistance to Instructors, Teaching Assistants and staff.

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Tools for Accessibility and Inclusion

Instructor Resources for Creating Accessible Course Content

Universal Design for Learning is a framework of principles for curriculum design in all major programs including face-to-face, hybrid, flipped and online learning to ensure multiple ways of engagement, representation, and expression. Instructional Designers from the Teaching Commons offer consultations with instructors to assist in implementing inclusive and accessible course content. Schedule a Consult for Creating Accessible and Inclusive Courses

Here are additional resources available to instructors to create learning opportunities for everyone: