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Welcome to AET!

The Academic and Emerging Technology (AET) group focuses on supporting the technology needs of instruction. That is, we oversee various services and technologies that are used in teaching and learning such as classroom audio/visual equipment (AV), CatCourses, and Zoom, (to name a few). We oversee these technologies through their entire lifecycle from design to implementation, maintenance, training, support, and replacement. Our group is also the one that monitors technology trends to identify new products, tools, and ways of using technology that could have a positive impact on the campus. We’ve got nine staff and thirty student employees to meet these needs. Learn a bit more about us here:

Our website redesign

Information is only valuable if people are using it. We want our website to offer a simple way for anyone to find information about any of our services. Slowly but steadily, the entire Office of Information Technology website is undergoing a redesign, led by our Communications Officer. It isn’t our intent to reshuffle pages and add a coat of polish, but rather to ensure the information the campus wants to find both exists and is easy to locate. AET’s little corner aims to boldly display our most important and requested offerings in the sidebar and, from there, guide anyone looking to what they are looking for.

But why do I need to care?

I mean you don’t, but if you’re here, maybe you’re interested. Maybe you were looking for something specific. Or maybe you just wanted to know what AET is, because boy does higher education have a ton of acronyms! Either way, we want to introduce you to our group and what we do. We want to be there to make your teaching and/or learning life as smooth, innovative, and useful as possible. Hit us up if you have a need!

What’s a Spotlight?

There are many ways to communicate and only so many of them are effective. We have found that a key to communication is to do it regularly. Spotlight is a blog of sorts that AET intendeds to be a monthly platform through which we can communicate with interested users. We’ll cover many topics, from new services to services you’ve never heard of, and offer a glimpse into how we work. We intend to publish updates monthly, and we welcome you to hold us to that commitment!