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Campus Wide Internet Access

We provide fast and reliable internet on campus through wired and wireless access for personal and instructional use. Internet access is available in all campus buildings (subject to the Acceptable Use Policy) and at our off-site locations.

Currently, UC Merced is migrating to a new network design and standard and completing several capital projects. Your physical location may determine your access level to one of several networks. Please select from below access required:

Campus Wifi - Faculty, Staff, and Students

WiFi Name: ‘UCM CatNet’

NGN is the newest 10GIG network being deployed across the campus. All academic buildings and residential builds have been upgraded. Click here for more information Next Generation Network project.

  • UCM_CatNet is the preferred & authenticated wireless network at UC Merced. It is a faster, encrypted network based on state-of-the-art 802.11ac Wave 2 technology.
  • UCM_CatNet is available in all dorms, academic, and larger administrative buildings on campus.
  • UCM_CatNet is an encrypted network and, as such, requires some minor configuration. However, you will not need to repeat the configuration process once you have successfully connected. Please see the device-specific instructions below.

While most of the campus has been upgraded to NGN standards, some smaller service buildings remain on the legacy network and have different wireless configurations. Those buildings on campus with legacy wireless are Facilities A & B, Police dept., Central Plant and Early Childhood Education Center, and the potable water pumping station. Off-campus, the Castle Research Center, Mondo, and Promenade locations are also on the legacy wireless network. See section 3 for details.

Connecting to ‘UCM CatNet’ WiFi network 
Setup for Windows (Windows 10)
Setup for Mac OS (Mac OS X)
Setup for Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
Setup for Android devices (Android)


eduroam – Educational WiFi for Participating Institutions

WiFi Name = ‘eduroam’

As a participating institution, UC Merced faculty, staff, and students can connect to secure eduroam wireless at other participating U.S. and international locations while using their UC Merced email address and password.

This is a reciprocal agreement, and visitors who are eduroam subscribers from other institutions may also use their local logins on the UCM campus by selecting the ‘eduroam’ SSID in the list of available wireless networks shown on your device.

Connecting to the Eduroam network
Setup for Windows (Windows 7)
Setup for Mac OS (macOS Eduroam)


Guest Access

WiFi Name = ‘UCM Guest’

If you are a visitor to UC Merced or do not have a UCM Net ID, you can still access our guest network during your time on campus. This SSID is unencrypted for easy access – so it is not secured and is NOT recommended for Staff, Faculty, or Students. You be asked to accept a device certificate – if you do not accept it you will not connect.

Connecting to the UCM-Guest network
Setup for Windows (Windows 7 & 8)
Setup for Mac OS (macOS Guest)

For Downtown Campus Center (DCC), please click here for instructions. NOTE: Access to the DCC WiFi requires sponsorship.

If your device is not listed above or if you need help setting up wireless, please call 209-228-HELP during regular business hours.