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OIT Project Management

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The Office of Information Technology – Project Management Office

The IT Project Management Office (PMO), which was introduced to UC Merced in July 2016, leads and facilitates the use of the Project Management Institute Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) management methodologies, standards, tools, and best practices for UC Merced.

The PMO provides project management education, project management resources, tools and templates for campus IT efforts. Collaborating closely with campus stakeholders, we support successful outcomes across the entire lifecycle of a project from detailed planning and analysis to business process and system design; scope, risk and budget management; testing; change control; quality assurance; training; communications; and ultimately deployment.

The PMO strives to deliver excellent services to the UC Merced Office of Information Technology staff to effectively manage projects so that we may provide IT services and resources that support the campus mission. We support a flexible approach to Project Management, recognizing that all projects are different and require flexibility to meet individual needs.

Beginning FY18, project resources will focus priority allocation to efforts that align to UC Merced’s Workforce Planning priorities. Requests for new projects will be assessed for their alignment to the following recommendations for workforce restructuring proposed by the Chancellor’s workgroups:

  • Improve Research Support Infrastructure with a Centralized Service Model.
  • Expand Administrative Coordination Team (“ACT”) to include several additional divisions.
  • Consolidate Procurement and Improved Processes.
  • Apply a Matrix Organizational Structure for “Self-Supporting” Auxiliaries.
  • Restructure Academic Advising with a focus on a centralized model focused on first-year students
  • Provide support for faculty and deans aligned with School Restructuring Plan

Where needed, assessment of requests that require significant funding investment or reallocation of current IT projects and priorities will enlist Vice Chancellor level leadership, Senior Leadership, or workforce planning groups where appropriate, to resolve funding or staffing needs.

The goal of this web site is to:

  • Educate the University community about how UCM manages its projects (i.e., what PM methods, skills, and tools are used)
  • Advocate the benefits and importance of project management to the success of projects undertaken by the UC Merced Office of Information Technologies

Learn about Project Management

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is a professional organization which maintains PMI project management standards and provides certification programs for project management.