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Project Management Resources


OIT PMO has a number of templates ready to help you through the project lifecycle.  Two commonly used templates are available below.  To request additional templates or schedule a discovery session, email us.

Project Charter

The Project Charter template is the document of record used to gain initial agreement. It starts the planning process by describing the project in detail and is used as input for the project plan. The Sponsor(s) provide commitment of time, money, and people to the project. The people who work on the project are “team members” and commit themselves to produce certain work products, or deliverables. 

Project Scope

The Project Scope template is the description of the scope, major deliverables, assumptions, and constraints of the project. It describes in detail the project's deliverables and the work required to produce those deliverables. It also provides a common understanding of the project scope among the stakeholders. It establishes a baseline for evaluating whether requests for changes or additional work are contained within or outside the project’s boundaries. It expands on the earlier work done in the Project Charter and creates a common understanding of the project scope among project stakeholders.

Risk, Action Items, Issues & Decisions (RAID Log)

The RAID Log template tracks risks, action items, issues, and decisions made throughout the life of the project.  It provides a history of what the project team accomplished and outcomes on key decisions.