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Add Devices to Two-Factor Authentication

This page provides detailed instructions for adding additional authentication devices after you have initially enrolled in Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). This process should take you 2-4 minutes to complete per device you want to add.

Before you get started, you will need the following: 

1. Visit the Duo 2-Factor Authentication Enrollment Page

Use your computer to navigate to the UC Merced 2-Factor Authentication Enrollment page at

Screenshot of landing page

2. Access Your Identity Management Profile

Click on UC Merced Identity Management.

Screenshot of with arrow pointing towards the first link, "Log in to UC Merced Identity Management"

3. Enter Your Credentials

Enter your UCMNetId and password, then click Login.

Screenshot of UC Merced Single Sign On

4. Authenticate with Duo

Chose your preferred authentication method to complete your 2FA login.

Screenshot of 2 Factor Authentication options, with a box around "Send me a Push" button

5. Begin Secondary Device Enrollment

Click Add Another Device.

Screenshot of list of "My Settings and Devices" with a box around button "Add another device" under the list of devices

6. Select Your Device Type

Select your device type, then follow the prompts to complete the device enrollmentWhen you've completed adding a device, you can repeat the process for as many devices as you wish.

We recommend adding your office landline, your home landline, tablets, and additional cell phones you use for work or phone - basically, the more backup devices, the better!

Screenshot of screen reading "What type of device are you adding?" and the "Mobile Phone" option selected

7. Finish and Log Out

When you've completed the Add Device steps, close the Duo pop-up menu and click Finish, Save, and Log Out before closing your browser window.

Screenshot of landing page with a box around the third link, "Finish, save your changes, and log out"

If you encounter any problems with 2FA, please contact the OIT Service Desk at (209) 228-HELP or "Report a Problem" on the front page of this site.