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2-Factor Authentication: Best Practices

If Possible, Push is Easiest

Installing the Duo app on your smartphone and setting your preferences to recieve Push notifications is the easiest way to authenticate with 2-Factor Authentication. After you log in using your UCMNetID and password, the app will alert you to a Push notification waiting in your app. All you need to do is to tap on that notification, approve, and you’re done! 

Please note that is it important that you keep your DUO mobile app up to date in order to maintain key functionality. We reccomend that you enable auto-updates for the DUO app. 

Enroll More Than One Device

Yes, you can (and should!) enroll more than one device. We recommend enrolling every device you can, and try using them all to see what feels most comfortable for you. 

First time enrolling? Follow these instructions:

Mobile Phone      |      Tablet      |      VoIP Phone/Landline      |      U2F Key

Already enrolled, but want to add more devices? See Add Another Device.

Have Your Backup Passcodes Ready

What if you leave your phone at home? If you think ahead and have backup passcodes ready, it won't be a problem. We recommend requesting backup passcodes and storing them in a secure location as soon as you set up 2-Factor Authentication.

Note: Because backup passcodes are sent via text, this option is only available to users who have a mobile phone enabled. 

Remember Me for 12 Hours

DUO Login screen with red box highlighting the "Remember me for 12 hours" checkbox below the "Log In" buttonIf you find that you're having to authenticate multiple times per day, you can ask 2FA to remember you for 12 hours. When you get prompted to authenticate, check the "Remember Me for 12 Hours" checkbox before you complete your authentication. (You may need to Cancel the automatic authentication, click Remember Me, and then authenticate as normal).

Remember Me is a web browser cookie, so it applies only to the computer and browser that you are currently working in —if you check the box on your work computer, you'll still need to authenticate via Duo if you log in on your home computer within those 12 hours. You can check Remember Me on any computer that you use regularly and that you trust.

Important: Don't click Remember Me on a public or shared computer!