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UC Merced Connect


UC Merced Connect is a digital communication platform that will streamline and organize campus information and communication using a mobile platform and an accompanying desktop interface.

UC Merced will introduce:

  • A new digital campus experience that serves relevant information specific to our various users
  • A new and significantly improved event calendar for campus use

UC Merced Connect will replace:

  • The current UC Merced Portal (
  • Enrollment Management student checklist and communications fuctions
  • Happenings email advertisment channel

UC Merced Connect will augment:

  • Current internal and external communication channels

In addition to these features, UC Merced Connect provides our campus with significant opportunities to grow the platform and deliver more specialized information and communication that users want and need in years to come.



  • Provide users with a digital campus experience that delivers content tailored to their profile type.
  • Allows for a streamlined, secure, and convenient experience for all users.
  • Enhance communications by messaging specific audiences based on user attributes.
  • Consolidate campus events into a single user interface.



Fall 2019

Content Configuration / Build

Spring 2020 Testing & Validation
Fall 2020

Communications & Marketing

Fall 2020 Campus Launch




Project Sponsors: Office of Information Technology and External Relations

Impacted users of current and future systems are:

  • Students
  • Staff
  • Faculty