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Kaltura is a cloud-based video management system that stores, hosts and distributes videos— a proven way to increase engagement and creativity, foster a sense of community, and improve learning outcomes in the classroom. At UC Merced, faculty can host instructional videos for instructional use by students by using Kaltura through CatCourses. This allows faculty and students to easily view, record, manage, edit, transcode and deliver high-quality video that is visible on any device, at any time. 

Videos are available for those in a course using CatCourses with Kaltura enabled. Only you and your students who are signed up for your course will be able to view the videos.

  • Media Gallery: Students can view videos uploaded to their course sites.
  • My Media: Instructors and students can upload videos to the Kaltura digital media library. 

Enable Kaltura in CatCourses

For a detailed step-by-step guide, click here.

1. Click on 'Settings,' then 'Navigation' 


2. Enable Kaltura My Media and Kaltura Media Gallery 


3. Click 'Save' 

Key Features

Upload Videos

Instructors and students can make videos for student viewing in their course. Videos cannot be shared or downloaded to ensure privacy. For a detailed step-by-step guide, click here.

1. In Kaltura Media Gallery, select 'Add Media', 'Add New', then 'Media Upload' 


2. Upload a file and include a name



3. Click 'Save'


Video Quizzes

Quizzes offers 4 types of questions [Multiple Choice, True/False, Reflection (video pause combined with text), and Open-Ended] embedded in a pre-recorded video. For a detailed step-by-step guide, click here.

1. Select video in Kaltura My Media, then select 'Quiz' under Upload Media



2. Press 'Play' at the time you want to enter a question and click 'Add a Question' 



3. Add desired questions and answers 



4. Click 'Actions,' then 'Publish' 


Enabling Automatic Zoom Recording Upload to Kaltura for Instructional Video in CatCourses

For instructors who are using Zoom to record lectures or other content and want to provide those recordings in your CatCourses site, you can set up your Zoom recordings to be automatically uploaded into Kaltura at the end of your recording session. Instructors can then choose to publish those recordings to be visible to their students within CatCourses. The three steps below outline how to set this up:


1. Turn on the Cloud Record Option in your Zoom Settings

turn on the cloud recording toggle on the Zoom settings pagge under the recording tab

  1. Click on to access your Zoom Profile Settings.
  2. Click on the Recording tab.
  3. Click on the toggle to the right of Cloud recording to ensure it is on.


2. Record Your Zoom Meeting Using the Record to the Cloud Option

Select the number of breakout rooms and how to divide participants

  1. During your Zoom meeting, click on Record.
  2. Click Record to the Cloud to begin recording.
  3. Clicking Stop Recording or ending the meeting will stop the recording, and it will automatically begin uploading to Kaltura. By default, Zoom will email you when this process is completed.


3. Publish your video in Kaltura Media Gallery to share with your class.
  1. If you have not enabled Kaltura Media Gallery in your CatCourses course, please see our guide on Enabling Hidden LTI Tools in CatCourses.

viewing the Kaltura Media Gallery to Add Media

2. In the Kaltura Media Gallery, click + Add Media.

publish media in the Kaltura Media Gallery

3. Check the box next your Zoom recording(s).

4. Click Publish.

The video is now available for students to watch in the Kaltura Media Gallery navigation item. You can also embed the video in other parts of your CatCourses site, such as Pages, Discussions, and Assignments. Please see our guide: Embedding a Kaltura Video in CatCourses for a step-by-step guide.

Other Features

Kaltura Caption Editor

Editing automatic video captions can help to ensure the accuracy of your course video captions. Most automatic captions are 80% accurate. For a step-by-step guide, click here.

1. Click 'Actions,' then 'Caption & Enrich'


2. Click 'Submit'


3. When automatic captioning is complete, the Closed Captioning (CC) symbol will appear on your video

Other Features

What is Kaltura?

Kaltura is a cloud-based video management system that stores, host and distributes video. 

How can I access Kaltura?

All UC Merced instructors have access to Kaltura through CatCourses 

Who can access my Kaltura videos?

Videos are available for those in a course using CatCourses with Kaltura turned on. Only you and students in our course will be able to view the videos

Where do I go if I need help using Kaltura? 

For help using Kaltura, click here to submit a request.