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Image of the front page of OIT's Annual Report
an overview of Research Computing and Classroom Technology resources, a list of links to campus resources and systems, and information about upcoming releases and updates
The UC Merced WAVE helps students 'see' their research in new ways
See the world in a whole new light
The UC Merced Wide-Area Visualization Environment (WAVE) allows our students to experience the wonders of the world without ever leaving campus.
Student in Lecture with Laptop. Click here to read our 2018 Annual Report.
Explore Our 2018 Annual Report
Click here to learn more about the way that OIT work impacts the UC Merced campus
Avoid the lines and get the help you need.


Yellow Head in Profile with a gear turning in place of a brain. Click Here to access tutorials on OIT Services


Step-by-step tutorials on how to utilize the services we provide 

Lock. Click here to learn about Information Security at UC Merced


Get educated about information security at UC Merced, including antivirus and disk encryption

Clipboard with tree diagram and pencil. Click here to learn about Project Management Solutions


Providing solutions and support for your project management needs

Screwdriver and Wrench crossing in an "X" shape. Click here to access the list of services offered by OIT.


A complete list of services offered by OIT to the campus community

Desktop, Laptop, and Mobile Phone all shown as connected. Click here to learn about OIT's service to support teaching and learning


Services that support the University’s mission to advance teaching and learning

Speech Bubble saying "Help." Click here to access Service Now to report a problem or ask for help.


Links to report a problem, ask for help, and track the status of your requests

Linked Chains. Click here to access the page of most visited OIT  links.


Orange Circle with Arrow. Click here to access the Student Services page STUDENT SERVICES 

Navy Blue Circle with arrow. Click here to access the faculty support page FACULTY SUPPORT 

Green Check Mark signaling that all UC Merced systems are functioning as expected. Click here to see the status of each system.


Stay current with UC Merced’s system status, security and scheduled maintenance updates

Two Computers shown connected to a cluster. Click here to learn more about Research Computing at UC Merced


Resources for high performance computing: consulting, server hosting & system administration