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Instructional Tools


  • What is CatCourses? CatCourses is UC Merced's academic Learning Management System built on the Canvas platform
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  • Support, Guides, FAQs, and Integrations here


  • What are Clickers? Clickers provide an audience response system that encourages class engagement during instruction (using the TurningPoint platform)
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  • What is Kaltura? Kaltura is a video streaming platform for supplemental videos produced by instructors. It is integrated into CatCourses to provide direct access for students.
  • OIT Kaltura Page (information, features, how-to guides, and FAQs)
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Learning Glass

  • What is Learning Glass? The Learning Glass is a transparent lightboard available for use while recording instructional videos in the Learning Glass studio. Instructors can write notes or illustrate content directly on the glass while maintaining face-to-face contact with the students.
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Zoom Web Conferencing

  • What is Zoom? Zoom is an online communication and collaboration tool that provides video, web, and audio conferencing for instructors and students.
  • OIT Zoom Page (information, Zoom-capable campus spaces, how-to-guides, and FAQs)
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